The Inkandescent Speakers Bureau comprises business experts, entrepreneurs, corporate and government leaders, futurists and inspirational visionaries, who offer best practices on the hottest trends in business, and personal/organizational development.

Our experienced speakers bring decades of real-world, corporate, and entrepreneurial know-how to your workshops, seminars, keynote speeches, lunch-and-learns, and networking events.

We invite you to click around the website, Meet our Speakers, check out our Upcoming Speaking Gigs, and review all of the Topics we can talk about. For fun, check out our Speaking Tips. Perhaps you’d like to become an Inkandescent Speaker, too.

We look forward to inspiring you and your team! For more information, and to book our speakers, contact Hope Katz Gibbs, founder of the Inkandescent Speakers Bureau, at 703 346-6975,

About Our Team

Hope Katz Gibbs is the founder of The Inkandescent Group, LLC. She created the Inkandescent Speakers Bureau in 2012 after being asked by clients if she knew any great speakers—with real world experience, foresight, and insight into business trends. Gibbs’ approach to life is to say “yes.” Since she represents dozens of entrepreneurs through her PR firm,, and loads of insightful leaders are columnists in her business magazine,, she saw the opportunity to say yes, help her clients, and grow her business. Learn more about Gibbs here. Click here to contact her by email.

Kathleen McCarthy is the senior editor of the The Inkandescent Group, LLC. A freelance editor and writer for the last 20 years, Kathleen enjoys riding the publication arc—the beginning of every issue is a fresh start, and the end of every issue brings a completed publication. Among her many duties, she copyedits Be Inkandescent magazine and writes the monthly Parenting column. For Inkandescent Speakers Bureau, she’ll be coordinating the booking of events. Learn more about McCarthy here. Click here to contact her by email.

Ashley Freund is the editorial assistant at Inkandescent Public Relations. A fourth-year student at Virginia Tech, Freund is pursuing a Communications degree with a focus on Public Relations. She is also working toward an English minor, with an emphasis on Creative Writing.

Alece Birnbach is a strategic partner to Inkandescent Speakers. The founder of the Graphic Recording Studio offers a cutting-edge service in the graphics industry that offers services for corporations, small-business owners, and national speakers who want to use art to make a bigger impact on their audiences. These include Real-Time Maps, drawn onsite at conferences while participants actively contribute their ideas; Studio Maps, created in advance of a meeting to include metaphors and ideas to visually represent what speakers want to communicate to their audience and/or organization; and Video Scribing, where the audience and speaker watch as their messages come to life through graphics. See the BeInkandescent article about her work. See also how Birnbach brought a Denver Business Journal article to life.

Michael Gibbs is the chief graphic designer of the Inkandescent Speakers Bureau. A freelance illustrator and designer since attending Pratt Institute as a photography and illustration major in the mid-70s, his award-winning artwork has appeared in Newsweek, Time, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Worth Magazine, Consumer Reports, Harvard Business Review, and publications for United Airlines, Verizon, IBM, Sears, American Airlines, CitiGroup, and Oracle. Learn more about Gibbs here.

Max Kukoy is The Inkandescent Group’s web guru. A Washington, DC-based freelance developer/designer since 2000, Max earned his master’s degree in Environmental Science from the University of Oklahoma in 1993, then started working in public health and environmental policy at nonprofits in Washington, DC. After a few years of policy work, he started working on his organization’s website. Check out Kukoy’s work here.