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Our speakers focus on:

  • Topics that are important to the growth of your organization: creativity, financial planning, foresight and innovation, the generations at work, best practices in hiring and recruiting—as well as the future of education, leadership, management, marketing, PR, and more.
  • Insight and guidance that is needed by entrepreneurs, small-business owners, and corporate managers—as well as career changers and college grads who are entering the workforce.
  • Inspirational ideas that are concrete as well as motivational, and that help professionals develop a clear strategy to accomplish their long- and short-term goals.

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So we are very proud to share these rave reviews about the skill, savvy and success of our Inkandescent Speakers.

Michael Egan, CFP® Certified Financial Planner™

Karl Lindberg, President, ING Financial Partners
ING Financial Partners honored longtime Financial Planner Michael Egan in 2012 with the prestigious Advisory Elite distinction, earned by fewer than 1% of investment adviser representatives who work with the firm. Egan has achieved this status for attaining notably high levels of assets under management and because of his investment planning success. “The Advisory Elite status marks an important career milestone. This is an opportunity for ING Financial Partners to acknowledge Egan’s hard work, sustained success, and dedication to client satisfaction over time.”

Cindy Frewen, Architect and Futurist

Lats Latvis, President, National Association of Women Business Owners, San Francisco Chapter
“Dr. Frewen has little herd instinct, and is the architect of an entirely different and fresh approach toward reaching and inspiring people she has never met before, and in this case, all of whom exited her seminar feeling rejuvenated and bonded to one another from that point on. It was a break from the maddening crowd; a gift. We are the beneficiaries of, “The Frewen Influence,” open and willing to consider alternative routes for new business strategies in order to build better organizations.”

Cheryl Harrod, Former Development Director for the School of Architecture, University Endowment Association, University of Kansas
“As a keynote presenter for the UEA general session, my colleagues and I were clearly impressed with Cindy’s ability to address the issues of change in meaningful ways that applied to our respective professional positions. Having only known Cindy as a professional architect through her position on the Kansas University Board, I was particularly impressed with her versatility in this type of venue. She was clearly effective in conveying her message to the audience and extremely passionate and forward thinking in her views about education and architecture. The profession is indeed fortunate to include Cindy Frewen as a valuable colleague not only for her abilities in the field, but also as a representative in the greater community.”

Rose Kemp, Regional Administrator, Women’s Bureau, United States Department of Labor
“Dr. Frewen’s hard work toward shattering the glass ceiling for women is commendable and she serves as a powerful advocate, role model and mentor. Her accomplishments serve to inspire others to be all they can be. I am just one of many people in the Kansas City community who are encouraged by the fact that Dr. Frewen continues to use her community involvement and her position of significance and influence to help shape public policy positively.”

Hope Katz Gibbs, PR Expert, Journalist, Publisher

Lauryn Han, Special Project Coordinator, Northern Virginia Business Development Assistance Group, Inc.
“Hope’s presentation on PR to our entrepreneurship class brought a new dimension into participants’ individualized business development strategy, and you showed them how PR could play a key role in their early success. Her presentation was full of practical information about how to design your website to bring more leads and customers, and what elements of a typical website design are a waste of your time and money. We thank her for her generosity in sharing her experience and knowledge with our class.”

Evan Davies, Training & Job Development Specialist, Arlington-Alexandria Coalition for the Homeless
“Hope’s mission is to educate, inspire, and promote entrepreneurs. I believe that Hope educates, inspires, and promotes everyone she comes to know. She has enthusiastically embraced our micro-entrepreneurship training program, and offers invaluable insights to those actively pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams, as well as those who may simply imagine doing so. AACH looks forward to working with Hope in the future as we strive to make those dreams a reality.”

Sean J. Coleman, J.D., Regional Director, Webster University
“Hope Katz Gibbs is a powerful voice for all people, both men and women, on the value of inclusiveness in building relationships in today’s modern business world. She teaches inclusiveness, but more importantly she practices it. We hope to bring her back to Webster for many more speaking engagements.”

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Andy Hines, Futurist, Author, “ConsumerShift”
Cathi McLain, Convener, Consumer Trends Forum
“Andy’s presentation was a perfect keynote, and set the tone for the rest of the conference. He offered so much information that related to our theme. I can’t thank him enough.”

Roberta Shaffer, Law Librarian, Library of Congress
“Andy’s techniques are powerful and can be applied to so many sectors,” she says. “His presentation and delivery are so easy to understand and digest that I knew the audience would benefit. I have heard him speak several times before, and I never grow tired of what he has to say. His speech certainly helped us bring all of the issues facing our industry to the fore. His discussion regarding thinking about the future, and viewing the problem as a futurist would, enabled us to consider how we might position ourselves for continued success.”

Derek Woodgate, CEO
The Futures Lab

Ashley Smith 
Director of Innovation Strategy, Philips Electronics, Amsterdam, Netherlands
“Even within the field of ‘Futurology’, Derek blew us away with quantity and quality of trends and innovations he is tracking. The true secret of his success, of course, is his ability to link these marvels to the business issues that we were facing right now.”

James L. Martin, Sr. VP Incite Director, GSD&M
“Derek is an engaging, interesting, and involved presenter. Whenever I hire him to be a keynote, sit on a panel, or conduct a workshop, I can always count on Derek to bring a unique perspective and expansive thinking to the event.”

Candido Peterlini, SVP Innovation, Fiat Group
“Derek is a creative and inspirational person that helps people and companies to open their eyes through an innovative and effective approach. We will be inviting him back to speak to us many times in the coming years.”